Health Updates

I have joined Health Writer Hub!

I am thrilled to announce have joined the lovely Michelle Guillemard working for her successful start-up venture Health Writer Hub.  Working with her as her editorial assistant and health writer: I write weekly blog posts on medical/health writing for other medical writers in the industry worldwide Provide editorial feedback to […]


Angelina Jolie: let’s talk about her “Diary of a Surgery”

Angelina Jolie: Inspirational role model. Special Envoy of UNHCR. Mother. Wife. Hollywood actress and now director. Questionable affair with Brad Pitt (was he married?) and Inherited the BRCA1 gene mutation. Love or loathe her, she always invokes a stampede of press who follow her around the world, documenting her meteoric career and goodwill work. […]

Angelina Jolie looking healthy and happy hugging her two daughters.


Top 10 science stories of 2014

Here are the top 10 science stories of 2014! Ebola went viral Fear gripped the world as the Ebola virus spread across West Africa in the biggest outbreak of the deadly disease since its discovery in 1976. The World Health Organization reported the outbreak in March and by August it […]

Boost your fertility naturally with eastern medicine

Western couples who proclaim pregnancy success from eastern medicine, acupuncture, or drinking a herbal tonic are more common nowadays. Parenting news, social media and even Hollywood celebrities are embracing holistic medicine for fertility. It only seems natural for couples having difficulties trying to conceive to consider their options outside of […]



It takes a village – can community support prevent isolation?

Unfortunately there are members of our community whose circumstances lend them to natural isolation. These are the individuals who are most vulnerable of mental disorders. Aged care residents, individuals or parents of children with disabilities, and indigenous communities are among those who should be prioritised for access to targeted interventional […]