Boost your fertility naturally with eastern medicine

Western couples who proclaim pregnancy success from eastern medicine, acupuncture, or drinking a herbal tonic are more common nowadays. Parenting news, social media and even Hollywood celebrities are embracing holistic medicine for fertility. It only seems natural for couples having difficulties trying to conceive to consider their options outside of western medicine and to try alternative practices to boost their chances.

Chinese herbal medicine


It is no wonder western couples are embracing Chinese herbal medicine; this eastern technique has a long history aiding infertility dating as far back as 200 A.D.! Typically comprised of 15 or more ingredients, the formula has varied over the centuries. More than 150 different herbs can be used in the treatment of infertility to create an optimum environment for conception.

Studies indicate that about 70% of male and female infertility have resulted in pregnancy or restored fertility after using Chinese herbs. Herbal remedies can affect the ovulation and menstrual cycle, enhance blood flow to the uterus, enhance endorphin production and induce calm.



With proven results for both men and women, acupuncture primarily benefits couples while trying to conceive. Research has proven its success when used by women in conjunction with IVF, and we now are hearing anecdotal success from many women using acupuncture to conceive naturally. A 2005 study published in Fertility and Sterility has now found its benefit in male infertility. Acupuncture was associated with fewer structural defects and increase in the number of normal sperm.

Acupuncturists balance “qi” energy flow through the body by stimulating specific points along its pathway using fine needles to return a natural homeostasis to the body, delivering optimal blood flow to the reproductive organs. Acupuncture also has a secondary benefit in grief, stress, and weight loss, and can help couples who have suffered from pregnancy loss or recurrent miscarriage.

Boost your body balance

A holistic approach to medicine has been found to not only prepare the body for pregnancy, but also enhances a lifestyle that couples can practise post-birth. The main goal of eastern medicine is to keep the body in balance or to restore balance. This is one reason why it is so effective with fertility, which depends on a balanced body.


If you do decide to try alternative therapies the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association Ltd (AACMA) is the peak professional body of qualified acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine practitioners in Australia.

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