I have joined Health Writer Hub!

I am thrilled to announce have joined the lovely Michelle Guillemard working for her successful start-up venture Health Writer Hub.  Working with her as her editorial assistant and health writer:

  • I write weekly blog posts on medical/health writing for other medical writers in the industry worldwide
  • Provide editorial feedback to her online course materials, resources and website
  • And most importantly, learn more about medical writing!

About Health Writer Hub

Health Writer Hub was established in 2013, and has grown to reach hundreds of medical writers across the world. The site includes job listings, advice, online courses, and ebooks for health writers. The philosophy is to help other health writers as they navigate their health writing journey. Membership also offers listing in the writing directory and the success of Michelle’s venture has seen her featured in Ideas Hoist, Startup Daily, Copywrite Matters, European Medical Writers Association, Australasian Medical Writers Association and My Health Career.

My health writing skills have improved

Working for Michelle has been an absolute pleasure. She has been generous with sharing her experience and knowledge, and even given me access to her online course Introduction to Consumer Health Writing. I have now improved skills writing for health consumers using online SEO, feature or news articles, blog posts and even setting up this website!

(A little bit about Michelle – she is a well known Australian health writer who has over 50 health clients and has lots of experience providing mentoring and support to other health writers).

Growing my consumer health writing skills has been very exciting for me. A study published this year in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health found that 80% of searches in Google is for health related content. Knowing I am contributing quality, accurate, well-researched health information is rewarding for both myself and hopefully consumers.

Writing for consumers is very different to writing for doctors or other health professionals. While the language is simpler, there is an art to grabbing the readers attention and explaining complex health information in an easy-to-read format. It has been thrilling to write hooks and let the story guide the consumer.


Learning about medical writing

Writing blog posts for Health Writer Hub has been a wonderful learning experience for me also. The I have written articles focus on advice for medical writers:

With lots of comments and social media shares for my articles, I’m so happy I am striking a chord with colleagues. It’s been wonderful to have positive feedback knowing other medical writers can relate to my writing.

You can find me at Health Writer Hub here. Feel free to be in touch to learn more. 

About Dinethra Menon

Dinethra Menon is a freelance medical writer based in Sydney with over a decade of medical communications expertise. She has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne and a post graduate diploma in genetic counselling.

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