Consumer health writing

My blog

Living with Hereditary Disease is a blog I created in 2012 following the death of my mother, birth of my first son and marriage of my medical education experience with my passion for writing. Blog posts are written about inherited disease and their impact on patient’s daily life.

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Consumer health writing experience

I have written articles for consumers for a variety of well-known websites and print magazines including:

  • Bupa
  • Blackmores
  • WellBeing Magazine



‘Is it time to up your fibre intake? Bupa The Blue Room 2 July 2015 [Link]

‘How to get more energy’ Blackmores 12 June 2015 [Link]

‘5 tips for getting to sleep quick smart’ Bupa The Blue Room 3 June 2015 [Link]

‘Motherless Mothers’ WellBeing Magazine July/August Issue No. 157 2015

‘How long does it really take to break a habit?’ Blackmores Everyday Health 29 April 2015 [Link]

‘Ditch the excuses: It’s time to get walking 2 April 2015 Bupa The Blue Room [Link]

‘5 Essentials for Carers when Changing & Dressing Dependent Clients’ Medical Search 27 December 2014 [Link]

‘How carers can help patients reduce the risk and fear of falling’ Medical Search 17 November 2014 [Link]