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It takes a village – can community support prevent isolation?

Unfortunately there are members of our community whose circumstances lend them to natural isolation. These are the individuals who are most vulnerable of mental disorders. Aged care residents, individuals or parents of children with disabilities, and indigenous communities are among those who should be prioritised for access to targeted interventional […]


What a Brain Aneurysm taught me about Emotional Health

Through personal life events, professional employment, and scientific research I have discovered a lack of information about the medical management of emotions people experience through major life events. For example, when people live with chronic disease medical professionals often discuss options to deal with the disease, with little or no discussion […]

Spicy Sambal 2

There is nothing like making a homemade spicy Sambal from scratch. The heat of the chillies, the effort of your muscles grinding the ingredients, and the final aromatic, spicy Sambal is truly worth it. My favourite thing to do on a Thursday is to support my local hospital market and buy CKT or char […]

Sambal served with my version of Nasi Lemak