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Boost your fertility naturally with eastern medicine

Western couples who proclaim pregnancy success from eastern medicine, acupuncture, or drinking a herbal tonic are more common nowadays. Parenting news, social media and even Hollywood celebrities are embracing holistic medicine for fertility. It only seems natural for couples having difficulties trying to conceive to consider their options outside of […]


‘Baby Brain’, how Reproductive Hormones are making You forgetful

Research has found that reproductive hormones and changes in pregnancy actually can prepare the body for motherhood and explains the excuse of ‘baby brain’. Reproductive hormones and their changes that cause memory loss and stress, could be explained as the mental shift that is necessary to take place to gain new […]

Chocolate is the Ingredient for Happiness 1

All I needed was proof that chocolate holds the ingredients to improve my happiness. Aha, I can now validate my ‘addiction’! In truth cocoa solids are one of the richest sources of flavanol antioxidants.[3] They also containalkaloids such as theobromine, phenethylamine and caffeine.[4]  These have physiological effects on the body and are linked to serotonin levels in the brain. Some […]